Save 25.00%! Shop Up A Storm In Ginza




You’ll weave through the streets of Ginza with your Host- a true fashionista- and discover the myriad of luxury high-end boutiques, casual department stores and exclusive restaurants the make this vibrant city the best place to shop. Browse designers’ stores or one-of-a kind boutiques and maybe stop for a bite to eat. Discover Tokyo’s distinct style, unearth hidden treasures and shop in the city’s very best stores for unique pieces, so you can take a little bit of Tokyo home with you. We will pair you up with a like-minded Host who would love to share with you their favourite places to shop, and will make recommendations for the rest of your trip. Your Host will suggest an itinerary and agree upon a meeting time and place, but you can always change your mind about what you want to do. You’ll feel like you’re shopping up a storm with a knowledgeable friend by your side.


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