Save 25.00%! Lower Manhattan: Discover Chinatown, Soho, & Little Italy




You’ll join one of our NY hosts to discover all that there is to be discovered in Lower Manhattan. Alright maybe not all, there’s too much to see, eat, drink, and do, but you will enjoy a taste (literally, you’ll be doing some eating) of Chinatown, SoHo, and Little Italy. Where to begin? It’s up to you, actually – just let us know what your vibe is, and if there are any spots you’ve been dreaming of seeing. Within 24 hours after booking you’ll receive a short questionnaire about your personality and interests. Based on your responses, you’ll be assigned a like-minded host. Your host will communicate with you directly to suggest an itinerary to help you discover what makes the city unique. You will also agree on a meeting time and place. Your itinerary is flexible, so during the experience, you can always change your mind about what you want to do.


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