Australian Bodycare Hair Treatments Head Lice Kit 3 Piece Lice Treatment Kit




3 products for lice treatment from Australian Bodycare – 100% free of insecticides. Set includes: – Australian Bodycare Anti Lice Takes One 15 Minute Treatment 100ml – Australian Bodycare Hair Rinse Shampoo After Lice Treatment 250ml – Australian Bodycare Hair Spray Leave-In After Lice Treatment 150ml Australian Bodycare Head Lice Kit consists of Anti Lice head lice treatment, Hair Rinse head lice shampoo and Hair Spray. All products contain Tea Tree Oil known for counteracting bacteria and preventing scalp problems. The Anti Lice treatment is free from insecticides and parabens and works by encapsulating and suffocating lice and nits. The Anti Lice treatment works in just 15 minutes. Hair Rinse lice shampoo effectively cleanses hair and scalp after lice treatment and can be used preventively against scalp problems. Hair Spray protects hair and scalp, and lice spray is easy to use as it is simply sprayed into the hair and scalp in the morning to keep the hair protected through the day and prevent problems with lice. To use: Apply Anti Lice onto dry hair and scalp. After just 15 minutes the lice treatment has suffocated all lice and lice eggs. Distribute Hair Rinse shampoo onto hair and scalp BEFORE adding water. Massage thoroughly and rinse with lukewarm water. Hair Spray can be used on both wet and dry hair, and Australian Bodycare especially recommends using it on days with no hair wash. Shake the bottle well before use and spray all over the hair and scalp to protect against lice problems. Lice spray should not be rinsed out. All products from Australian Bodycare are 100% Vegan (with the exception of Rescue Cream and Barrier Cream as they contain beeswax) – naturally inspired and never tested on animals. All have been dermatologically tested by experts.


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