Garmin fēnix 6S SOLAR, Smaller Multisport GPS Smartwatch, Solar Charging, Advanced Health and Training Features, Ultratough Design Features, Up to 9 days battery life, Black

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About this item Upgraded activity profiles now let one track more, such as specialised grit and flow measurements while mountain biking Train with a rugged yet sophisticated watch, featuring an always-on 12 Inch display, a comfortable fit and a stainless steel bezel Track surfing sessions with a new dedicated activity profile, and even use Surfline Sessions, which creates a video of every wave one ride in front of a Surfline camera Get improved performance data to help one endure tough challenges, including the acclimation 20 widget to analyse additional data and see how one’s body is holding up to the current elevation Smaller-sized solar powered multisport GPS watch uses a Power Glass solar charging lens and custom power manager modes to achieve long-lasting battery life

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Just swap, click and go with interchangeable, 20 mm wide QuickFit bands. Choose leather, metal or silicone to change your watch’s look and feel in a snap.

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Built with premium performance materials, for outstanding quality.

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Integrates a semi-transparent layer of photovoltaic solar cells onto the watch lens for solar charging.

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New sports apps integrated like Surf, Indoor Climb and enhanced MTB, Back and Cross Country Skiing plus adding a Performance Widget for training status, load and recovery time.

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Fenix 5S Plus


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4.7 out of 5 stars

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Garmin Pay

Solar Charging

Pulse Ox Sensor

Mapping function

Display Size

1.3 inches, 33.02 mm diameter

1.3 inches, 33.02 mm diameter

1.2 inches, 30.4 mm diameter

1.2 inches, 30.4 mm diameter
GPS mode battery

up to 40hrs

up to 36hrs

up to 18hrs

up to 11hrs

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Product Dimensions

‎4.2 x 4.2 x 1.4 cm; 160 g



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10 reviews for Garmin fēnix 6S SOLAR, Smaller Multisport GPS Smartwatch, Solar Charging, Advanced Health and Training Features, Ultratough Design Features, Up to 9 days battery life, Black

  1. Kindle Customer

    This is my first Garmin watch – my previous fitness/smart watch experience was limited to only FitBit Versa for a few years, and a brief purchase of a Fossil Skagen Falster 3 that I loved but had to go back because the battery wouldn’t last a day.My initial impressions: the Fenix 6 Pro is chunky, and sits taller than a fitbit – initially I was wary, but it sits very comfortably and looks well – it just took a few days to get used to it. Now I would find it weird to go back. Likewise physical buttons were a change from touch screen – but these work in all weather, rain, or with running or cycling gloves on – they just work. The lack of touch screen means a clear always-on display, with a light button for use at night. If you are running, holding it to view it will auto light it for you.There are so many options and features on this watch that initially it seems too much – likewise the many options for data fields when running etc. But you just search for what you need up front, then over time keep learning and customising it, and it can give you whatever views and data you want.The tracking on exercise is superb, with good recommendations, and planning for rest times or variations. Likewise HR monitoring, sleep tracking, stress, and the Garmin “body battery” concept.Battery life is incredible. If I just used it as a watch, I could get 12 days+ off a charge, although it’s more like a week with a few long runs/cycles, and I also sync podcasts to it and play straight from my watch while I run. I can leave my phone if needs be without issue.The always-on screen works, and while I did not opt for a top line model with Sapphire screen shielding, the regular one has taken knocks without any visible marking. While locking my bike, I dragged the glass hard along a sharp metal edge on the fork of the bike, and thought I had ****ed it, but there;s only a very faint ghost line that I have to tilt and look for to see it. The glass is very scratch resistant.It’s not a cheap watch – I bought mine on Black Friday – but it’s really impressed me and a yea ron I’m still very happy with it. Rock solid construction, best in class battery with an always on screen, a wide range of different fitness tracking options with far more depth than casual trackers like Fitbit. I highly recommend it for someone looking to take their fitness tracking to the next level.

  2. Tony

    Pros Great Battery, Amazing Maps,Cons Garmin Pay not as good as Apple pay, size and price.Ok, I’m an apple fan boy and love my Apple watch, however I also run 25 miles a week and cycle about 30 miles a week and I have to say the Garmin is amazing……..The battery life is said to be 21 days, well like anything use it hard and you wont get 21 days but you will get over a week using it daily which compared to an Apple watch that im used to charging daily is a massive improvement.I like to do a different run each Sunday and the maps are just well “Amazing”, “outstanding”, I use strava heatmaps to pick popular routes and plan them myself or more often than not I just copy somebodies’ else route from Strava and hit the download GPX file, I upload this into the watch using Garmin connect on my PC.The Garmin pay is not in the same league as Apple pay and only works with a handful of banks in the UK so this is disappointing, however I got myself a Revolut pre-paid card that cost me £5 and I do have to pre load it with some funds but this works fine and overcomes that issue on not working with Uk banks. I guess buying a coffee with you phone when out for a run its worth this slight hassle, But Garmin pay not being as good as Apple pay is my only gripe with the watch.Everything else is better than Apple. You are paying for top of the range with this item and it’s a good allrounders watch, its great for skiing, cycling, swimming and running. well almost any sport really. However, if you don’t go on the beaten track and don’t need the mapping you can save money with a cheaper version. However even if you only use the map function a couple of times a year its great to have.Its big, this I got the larger 51mm version and it wont suit small wrists and without meaning to seem sexist I think its more a Man size watch, not everybody will like the size but I have poor eyesight and the larger screen is great for me.So amazing watch, 100% recommend with Garmin pay being my only gripe, well and the price……. Its expensive….. last years model the Fenix 5x pro is £100 cheaper and can pick up used on other marketplaces from £300 so only real decision for me was go new or save £200 and get a Fenix 5x pro…. Not sure that the 6x was worth the extra £200 over the 5x model but due to my more eye sight and loved the larger screen.Beware if looking at cheaper models that not all garmin Fenix models have maps and it’s the mapping that is the jewel in the crown for me. Really easy to follow all running routes, easy to plan routes.For cycling the Fenix is not as good as top of the range cycle computers, something like a Wahoo bolt computers tell you about strava segments so this Fexnix wont replace at decent cycle computer but will do most Mid-level cycling features.As others have said Heart rate monitor not as good as chest strap but Ill be honest its pretty close and for daily use it works fine. It’s the best on a watch ive ever seen and much better than an apple watch.For me I could just use strava on my iwatch or iphone, both have music and did I really need a garmin watch? No I could have mad do with my iphone and my iwatch, but honeslty I don’t regret buying it the battery life and the maps are class leading. The test message notifications are really good, the music is really good. If money is no object or your thinking do I get the new iwatch model or a Garmin Fenix….. Go for the Fenix. It will take you a couple of weeks to get used to it but once you do you wont look back.The garmin watchs are NOT touch screen and this is one of the biggest differences to an iwatch. I found the buttons fiddly and I didn’t like it at first, I had to learn what each button did. I even had to read the instruction manual which is not something you ever need to do with a iwatch. Even after owning it for 3 months I asked another garmin user how to record lap times on a track and sure enough simple click of a button but if you don’t know which button to press….. So it does so much its worth reading the instructions to get the most out of this watch.Also its not a stand along watch for me, I have to sync to my PC once a week to load running routes, it uploads to strava daily via Bluetooth to my phone do you don’t need to sync do your PC but if you are looking to make routes and programme running routes you will need a PC or laptop at home.Garmin connect links to mapmyride and mayuprun and strava as well as many other running apps.

  3. A.Silva

    I upgraded from a Vivoactive 3 to the Fenix 6 Pro and I don’t regret it one bit (and yes, it’s almost 3 times the price). The build quality, the functionality, the number of options etc. is not comparable.For those who think it might be too big on your wrist like I thought (I’m 5’7 and weigh approx. 175) and am used to watches that are about 42mm by 12-13mm…so the Fenix 6 coming it at circa. 47mm, I thought would be a bit much. But I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t look too chunky and the added display size and battery duration is 100% worth it.Some reviews speak about the HRM not being accurate…to be honest, I found that if you don’t put it in a particular activity mode, it is not going to monitor your HR accurately – I tested this by cycling with a chest HRM strap on and whilst I was at 160+ on the chest strap the Fenix wasn’t going above 100 bpm whilst not in a particular activity mode. However, once you switch it into cycling or indoor cycling, the HRM was much more accurate and was often 1 or 2 beats within range of the chest strap – this might have to do with battery saving when you are not in an activity mode, but I’m not sure. That being said…I’m happy with the accuracy and can’t complain as I plan to set it to the activity I plan to workout on when using it anyway. So far I have also done runs with it and the activity monitoring was bang on. (please remember to update the software as well when you get your watch, as it could have been sat in the warehouse for a while…)As expected, I love how it gives you all the metrics you may wish to track/use..VO2, cadences, elevation, recommended recovery times, Loads, pace, speed, heart rate, aerobic training effect, hydration, respiration etc…and that’s just a few from running.There’s a lot more you can do using the Garmin app on your phone and I haven’t tested it all out yet, but look forward to in the future.Finally, the build quality is excellent and is all out of metal…including the buttons, which feel great and have good feedback when you press them. It also looks great.For anyone getting the non-sapphire crystal like I did, I’d recommend you get a screen protector (I got the ones by VGUARD) as well as a dust plug for the charging port (got KIMILAR) just to add some extra durability to your watch.100% recommend and if you get one, enjoy it!

  4. amazonbuyer

    This review is for the 6 not the 6x.Great watch, loads of features, rugged build. Too much to list here but if you’re into sport or anything where you might want GPS without lugging a bigger device, this is great.It’s a little bulky, part of its charm, but it takes some getting used to to wear at night and sometimes I take it off. My previous vivoactive 3 never caused me any bother. But the upside is several weeks battery life even when doing a few activities a week.I’d read reviews saying the 6x was then to go for as it has a bigger screen and can have more fields. My eyesight at 48 isn’t great so I hold the watch at arms length to view while running. Even so the 6 is fine, I just have less fields shown at once so they’re bigger. The 6x just looked ridiculous on my male relatively skinny wrist. The 6x also has longer battery, but I get 3 weeks on the 6 – how much are can you need unless you’re an extreme athlete/adventurer!The display is lower res than something like an Apple Watch, but who cares. My wife’s Apple Watch needs charging every night, and wouldn’t last even one long cycle ride. It does have cooler watch faces and looks so crisp, but as a sports/adventure watch, the Fenix really hits the mark.And I’m an Apple guy for several decades. But I have a Fenix and an Edge on my bike.Absolutely love it.There is a new model coming out imminently though, which is a bit annoying as you know your device wont be supported for long even though you’re only just bought it – Garmin do update the Fenix brand quite well, but never with new features so bear that in mind……

  5. Run Wars

    My husband purchased this for me as an anniversary gift and it’s overall really fantastic!My favourite things:1) I have managed to download free GPX maps of of all my planned long runs, including the ultra trail. This watch allows you to also do the course in reverse to mix things up! I am doing more trail & fell runs now and don’t need to keep a physical map for navigation.2) The battery life is 9days!! Ok this is a lot lower with GPS on but still covers my 4hr to 10hr races. It’s such a relief to know your watch isn’t going to die on you half-way through a race and you can revel in the data afterwards.3) The 6S Pro is a lot smaller on my wrist than my current Polar watch. I can’t tell I’m even wearing it on runs it’s so comfortable.4) I love the fact you can customise the watch face. It’s a small detail but I have: battery, full date, time and hr visible. 👍5) Great watch if your clumsy…this is one tough but if kit! I’ve only had it a couple of weeks but have already dropped it on tiled flooring glass down 😬 AND tripped up on very rough terrain during a run 🤦🏻 But no damage done- not even a scratch!There are so many things to like but those are my top ones.Things that could be improved:1) Ok so many have reviewed that the HR is inaccurate. I can confirm this. I wore both my hr watches at the same time and the farming is 10bpm higher than Polar. Polar have great reliability one of the best and most accurate on the market. Therefore, I am inclined to take Polar reading as more accurate. Consequently, I have purchased a chest hr monitor to gain more accuracy. Haven’t tried this yet so unable to comment.2) Pricey! Come on Garmin reduce the price so mere mortals can enjoy your amazing products! (I can’t believe my husband actually got this for me. He’s just the best ever.)3) Garmin Pay does NOT work! NatWest and First Direct have NOT yet agreed to use this method of payment, so I currently am unable to use. I even tried a credit card and they have also refused. I can only conclude this has something to do with the lack of security offered whilst using the payment system.4) Charge port has exposed pins for charging cable connection. I really hope this does not corrode with sweat (!)I had this problem with two previous Polar models which I washed every time (and dried) after use but this failed to prevent damage. Polar did kindly replace my watch free of charge very quickly no quibble, and clearly learned a lesson, as all newer models were sealed.All in all, it’s an amazing watch and if it stays problem free it will certainly be the best I’ve had.

  6. TitorelliTitorelli

    I bought this watch as I wanted off-road GPS navigation with a decent running app and music via bluetooth. Comparing it with other, cheaper, smartwatches that would run View Ranger and Google Fit on WearOS, I decided to keep this watch. My Pros and Cons:+ Strong battery life, even for the 6s. It lasts around 4 days while using GPS for shorter runs (>10 km) and checking stuff every now and then. I aim to use it for a 24 hour walk in Wales and can be confident it will last with navigation.+ GPS and music without carrying my phone, cheaper wearOS devices would need the phone with one all the time+ Advanced running and fitness stats, including a decent Garmin Coach program. Great for race planning and preparation.+ Very light weight compared to other watches, esp. compared with the Fenix 6 Pro+ The body battery, sleep analysis and pulse oxygen measurements are very useful for general physiologyCons:- 300 GBP more expensive than other watches that can navigate, pace runs and play music- no control for music on the phone, only for tracks directly on the watch- Street navigation more cumbersome than Google Maps (Nevertheless, Sendpoints is a great help in putting in new locations from the phone)- The weather app is not the most accurate data provider, way overestimates probability of rain- The strap is quite thin and the watch small. Great for running but a sophisticated urbanist with bigger forearms than mine might find this watch too small and unaesthetic

  7. N. Foster

    I’ve had a Garmin Forerunner 245 for just over a year and clocked up over 1,200 miles of running with it. As a motivational device it has been superb. I just wanted more of the same – bigger screen, full topographical mapping, longer battery life, deeper analytics, Strava segment integration – and I have not been disappointed. Keeps things fun on my long hours of marathon training – following an endless variety of courses using its superb navigation features. Sleep and heart rate monitoring is not perfectly accurate (particularly at higher levels) – just the limitation of optical sensor method of measurement. I wear the Garmin HRM-Run chest strap for workouts (which also gives you running metrics such as cadence, vertical oscillation, etc – so well worth the extra). Have found the GPS to be very accurate so far. Now the Fenix 7 is here, the price of the 6 is very tempting and given how much I have used the Forerunner I could justify the upgrade. The hardware is only half of the story though. The brilliance of Garmin is its class-leading integration of hardware with software: the Connect and Explore apps and website (where you can create new workouts, training plans and courses to navigate) are absolutely superb. Was concerned watch (at 90g, compared to 38.5g of the Forerunner) might be too big and heavy. It IS big – to accommodate its 1.4″ screen and this may be an issue for some but I don’t even notice it on and I don’t have the thickest wrist. If that’s a deal breaker there’s always the 6 Pro or 6s Pro. Just extremely grateful to Garmin for taking a casual runner and turning him into a running machine!!

  8. D. P. Pegg

    This is my first smart watch, I decided to take the plunge this 2022 during Black Friday week.I suffer from arterial flutter and so though it would be handy to have a contestant rate measure. Having had several catheter ablations (burning out nerves in the heart) I can not longer feel what my heart is doing, so I had to purchase a quite expensive blood pressure monitor that can also detect AF. Of course this is a big piece of kit and not really mobile.So far the heart rate reading measured against my blood pressure monitor are spot on accurate. The sleep measurement also seems quite accurate as checking it after waking and feeling like I could have done with another few hours it des say poor rated sleep and alternatively when waking up feeling like I slept for days, it says I had a good sleep. It provides measurements for the time you were light or heavy sleeping, the time you were in REM and time you were awake.The alarms are neat and have thus far woken me up at the required time. I do not use it for exercise as my choice of fitness workout is Inline and roller skating. An activity not covered by Garmin and so far I have not found an app or widget that is really correctly designed for skating.The battery life is outstanding. As mentioned I have the health sensors on full time as well as the GPS trackers and blue tooth connected to my watch providing notification’s and several other bits of info and I get a couple of days over the indicated14 days from a full charge (. Out of the two days that have thus far been sunny the solar face over an hour and a half of constant exposure to the sun gave me back around 2% of battery). So whilst I do not think it would be possible to run this on solar alone, when summer arrives I expect to get at least another week out of a charge. Also if I chose to run it in battery saver mode, turning off all the sensors and GPS, it indicates that it will give me nearly a month on a full charge. Eat that Apple, you I’watch users.

  9. Amazon Customer

    The maps function is a gamer changer for me. Being able to get autogenerated maps according to distance and your locality is something I have never had before and it has made me find places i never knew existed! I am monitoring my sleep performance every day and am desperate to finally get more Deep sleep in compared to Light Sleep. I love the battery life which atm i can get by for about 5 days without charging my watch. I use it daily though so its getting used a lot. Not managed to get Spotify to work yet but not too fazed as I always have my phone with me. Compared to the Apple Watch which is more of an extension of your iPhone this is a REAL sports watch which has encouraged me to be a better athlete, to train smarter and harder and know when I can and cant push myself. I could never see myself without it. The only thing I would like is to find some interchangeable watch straps to wear when I am not spinning, running or being an exercise maniac and want to look like a lady.I am 5″4 size 6-8 and have the Fenix 6 Pro and it fits my wrist so well, doesnt move about and doesnt weigh much, in case any other ladies were interested in the difference. The battery life is better than the Fenix 6S which was designed for women, not sure why they didn’t get the same battery life across the models but compared to my Apple watch which sometimes didn’t last a whole day before dying this is amazing! I can even go away to a festival for a weekend and not have to worry about having my watch charger with me.LONG LIVE GARMIN WATCHES…well Fenix anyway 😉

  10. MR B T CROWE

    This is my first every smart watch/health/activity tracker. I’m glad I spent a little more than I had planned for this watch.For some time now my wife has had a Fitbit but I couldn’t find something which had all the functions I wanted in their offerings.Initially I was going to go for the Garmin Forerunner 745 as I had read and watched decent reviews about the watch, that it wasn’t as good as the fenix 6 or Forerunner 945 but was a decent smart/health/activity tracking watch.Went with this because it was over £200 cheaper than on the Garmin site, so far I’ve been very impressed, it’s really helped me keep track of my fitness and activities, the only slight issue I have is that although it gives a good break down of your sleep pattern, having reviewed my data against my wife’s Fitbit, hers was more representative of her sleep.However that function is an added bonus to me so I’m not too bothered and truth be told if your main concern is sleep tracking then you can probably find something with the same/better results at a lower price point.As for build quality I can’t fault it, isn’t too heavy for me, but feels reliably robust. There is a nice tactile feel to using the buttons and unlike touch screens I haven’t accidentally pressed them like I do with other devices.Also there is a lot of articles and videos on how to get the most out of this watch.

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