Kanto TUK Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetooth® 4.2 with Qualcomm® aptX™, Phono Pre-Amp (Matte White)

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About this item

  • Tweeters
  • Amplifier

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2 AAA batteries required. (included)

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21.59 x 17.78 x 27.69 cm; 9.53 kg

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16 Aug. 2019

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465 in Bookshelf Hi-Fi Speakers

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10 reviews for Kanto TUK Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetooth® 4.2 with Qualcomm® aptX™, Phono Pre-Amp (Matte White)

  1. VV

    One of the best looking speakers out there for Casual and Gaming in computer setupsUNBOXINGUpon opening, it was really well packaged from Kanto, they had thick styrofoam from top to bottom, covered with a double cardboard box snuggled in. It came with everything that was mentioned in the description.SETUPSetting up the DAC with the PC is pretty much plug and play, the audio quality is quite astonishing on its own.Setting up with Bluetooth was such a breeze in the park, all I had to do was push the front knob to search and/or on the remote button. The speaker knows when there’s audio playing from the source and it will automatically connect and start playing, which is super nice, so you don’t have to go to the Bluetooth settings every time, as long as it remembers your device.AUDIO EXPERIENCE – 1 YEARin terms of audio quality, as a casual listener. I really do enjoy listening to these speakers, but they can get a little fatiguing a bit. There are two ways to prevent this: turn down the treble by -3 (or more) on the remote, I found out that it is around in the 3K to 5Khz range is very high in the graph out of the box. You can also get EQ APO on windows to adjust it which I have done; it really made the speakers sufficiently better in terms of clarity, separate instruments and bass in long listening sessions. *ITS WORTH DOING*Going through all the songs and movies you’ve enjoyed is a whole new experience with these, the bass is beautiful for its size, you wouldn’t need a subwoofer.DISLIKEThe one thing I didn’t like was that you’re kind of forced to use the remote or get up to the speakers to switch the options you want to play in (PHONO, RCA, OPT, USB, BT), would really love to see Kanto make a dedicated App and buttons for controls in the next line up.Needs EQ APO if you want to get most of these speakers, but it’s quite easy to set it up.Other than that, it sounds great out of the box.

  2. David

    I bought these speakers in a spur of the moment because they had a really nice discount on an already cheaper, uesed product price. They are a really nice addition to my white setup, and although I’m not an audiophile, they far, far exceed my expectations in terms of sound quality! The best sounding speckers I’ve ever had (I previously owned 2 edifiers). And on top of that, I only bought them for 578 euros instead of 833 euros for the white version, and 1800+ euros for the black version! Seams like a steal…Most of the components were still sealed in their original packaging, which probably means the previous owner didn’t even used the product at all. How about that! I suspect that person may had an issue with the power cable and simply returned the product. Indeed, it came with an US plug, so I had to spend 7 euro on an adaptor in order to plug the power cable into a Belgian wall socket. The only issue is that the speakers make a humming noise when you turn them on, probably due to the different voltage cause by the adaptor. But once you start playing something, the humming noise is gone until you turn off you speakers and turn them on again. I have since then plugged them to an UPS, there is no more humming noise at all. So beware if you’re buying these speakers from another country.All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase and can only recommand them to anyone who is into great sounding speakers, provided you have the money of course, or buy them on a discounted price like I did.

  3. Mr. G. J. MorinMr. G. J. Morin

    Setup is at the top of the stairs in a split-level on the sitting room (living room) side. I did opt for the Sub8 for the extra bass. Source is an Ocean Digital WR-50 (not a DAC or streamer but I didn’t need those features). Using the optical connection between the source and the speakers.These things are awesome. Clean and loud! They will fill the entire house with sound loud. The sub does add a bunch to the setup with the crossover. I like my music bright with good mid-range and highs. Cranking the volume up results in almost no distortion. In some repect they can get too loud (which is unbelievable).My only peeve is the remote conrol because there is no easy way to see where the current settings stand to adjust them. You have to either pop all the way up or down and then adjust from there for the bass and treble. I only use the speakerswith one source so I have nothing to say about source switching.As can be seen in the picture my grills are not grey (which come with the White speakers). I contacted Kanto to get a set of Black grills so the TUKs would match the Sub8. Never be afraid to ask.It is a bit of an expensive setup but it is worth it.As for my source, it is not super hifi tech like you would get with an expensive DAC for high quality streaming content. I bring this up because I don’t use this system often so I have no need to spend money on an expensive DAC or streaming services (monthly cost). I mosty use the FM Radio, Internet Radio and media files (ripped CDs) for music. For not so high quality sources, the TUKs are still killing it! If you are looking for something to front-end any powered speakers on the somewhat cheap (<$200) The Ocean Digital WR-50 is a great source.

  4. Everyday Chris

    I had the Bose Companion 5 speakers for like 12 years and finally decided to upgrade. And man.. there were SO MANY to choose from. I’m happy enough to not have a true budget so I wanted something with amazing sound.I purchased the KRK Rokit 5’s and the Audio Engine A5+.Rokits 5 had amazing sound. Not bass heavy with these new models esp with the integrated EQ at the back.Had to get a focus rite DAC and a few XLR cables.Problem was that there was no BASS and they were really big on my desk. I wanted to get the KRK sub but it was always out of stock.I then tried Audio Engine A5+ and their DAC. I even got the SUB thinking that this was the AUTO winner. However, I had so many issues… Constant static… left speaker going out. It was such a hassle.I then did more research and landed on these bad boys. Comes with a remote to adjust Treble and bass. However straight off the bat, flat was amazing. I used an optical cable this time integrated into the PC. Comes with banana plugs to connect the speakers so much better quality than the A5’s. Overall sound is amazing.Mid bass is good. Not much low bass which is expected but their sub is not that expensive compared to audio engine’s!Looks amazing. No ground loop issues. SUPER HAPPY FINALLY

  5. Mitchell B.

    What can I say. I’ve heard a fair amount of different speakers, and these not only look beautiful, but kanto smashed it out of the park with the style, sound and connectivity options. Absolutely floored by their near field performance on a desktop, and currently trying them are main speakers in a small home theater setup with a massive svs pb3000, and they get loud and stay clear. BT connects very quick and sounds great. Not much else to say but, You definitely get more then what you pay for here, they are small ENOUGH/big ENOUGH, To do well in what ever environment you put them in.

  6. Chris C.

    These are some of the best looking powered speakers you can get for a desktop. Really beautiful, clean, well-constructed boxes. Since they’ve arrived, I’ve been going back and forth between these and some older Yamaha HS7’s. The Kanto’s are slightly little less convenient if you’re used to using an interface (you have to separate your mic / output source for zoom and can’t use volume control off the interface). The sound is also far from flat (I saw Andrew Robinson mention that these can be used as studio monitors… I wouldn’t recommend). That all being said, the sound is super fun and lively and the bass is terrific for the size. I also tried using separate DACs from Schiit to improve the sound which was noticeable, but the Kanto DAC is perfectly fine. If these had balanaced inputs, they would be perfect for me, but I’m definitely keeping them regardless.

  7. Gilad TsurGilad Tsur

    Full disclosure, I bought the speakers when it was discounted from 899 to 499. that price makes sense to me for home office desk speakers.I like to buy premium products for my home usage and not cheap out, but no doubt that $900 Price tag is a lot for home office usage.Luckily with The discounted price I managed to get them Eventually after keeping my eyes Open for a discount for five months.. And I’m very happy with the purchase, they match beautifully to my white desk set up.I started Using them out of the box with no stand usage as shown in the pictures.Then got metal angled stands. They had great quality and excellent with directing the sound towards the listener ears, but it didn’t leave any space on my table/:so I switched to New and higher 9 inch stands that gives me more room and space for other items on my table, plus I think it looks even more beautiful and gives it a a clean aesthetic.It comes with the remote and lots of ports and exits for you to utilize for your set up, and it just makes me relax when I’m future proofing the setup with electronic purchase that way.I’m very happy with all of the functionality except One thing that drives me crazy , the switching of the different audio Presets/output…which require numerous times of clicking and pressing. Even the new fancy remote make you switch between them one by one/:For example if you wanna switch through: Phono, RCA, OPT, USB, Bluetooth.It will require you to click on the same button for time just to get from Bluetooth mode to USB mode, if the speaker is in sleep mode than five times. You get my drift.at first I was looking at audio engine brand as well, or previous older models of Kanto speakers, but I decided I want the best of the best and after long few weeks of Research I chose Play is this tuk speakers on my list, and just wait several months for it to be discounted.which I highly recommend on doing.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Package arrive on time and in great condition. These speakers sound fantastic.Bass is tight , just right for me..The tweeters are the standouts , just amazing.Have these on my desktop ,also running them through a Topping E30 via RCA.. And I’m blown away..Female vocals accompanied by a piano will take you away to that special place😉

  9. Andrew

    Was quite hesitant spending this much on speakers for my computer desk, I upgraded from edifier speakers I’ve had for 7 years. After reading many reviews on speakers for days I decided to pull the trigger on these. Size was a big factor in my decision and these fell into a perfect Goldilocks zone between the edifiers and other recommend speakers like hs5s. I didn’t end up getting and svs 1000 pro to complement these, but they do have okay bass on their own.My only complaint is that when they are attached with USB to my computer, I can’t turn my computer volume above 20% or the volume is getting louder than id like for just watching a YouTube video or playing a game at normal times of the day. I honestly haven’t looked at ways to change this tho. Not a big deal.

  10. Dennis Stanworth

    Bought these for the wife’s office, nature sounds, background music. The sound is so clean. I’m not a real what do they call it, Audiophile person but I’ve always had a nice home stereo system. These are some of the nicest sounding speakers I’ve owned. I’m impressed.

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