Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL Electric BBQ Grill and Smoker with App Control, Digital Probe, Large 7-in-1 Outdoor Grill and Air Fryer with Woodfire Pellets, Weather Resistant, Blue and Black OG901UK

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About this item APP CONTROL: Control your BBQ from your phone, Set your cook level, time and temp, monitor your food’s progress and get notifications, Large capacity fits 10 burgers, 6 steaks or two 3kg chickens 7 OUTDOOR COOKING FUNCTIONS: BBQ Grill, Smoker, Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate and Reheat, Smart Cook System: Built-in probe monitors food as it cooks for cooked meat and fish, no guesswork WOODFIRE TECHNOLOGY: Integrated smoker box burns 100 Percent real wood pellets for natural smoky flavours, Smoke low and slow for tender results, or quickly add smoky flavours to any food WEATHER RESISTANT: Grill anywhere, Ideal for gardens, patios, balconies, camping and other outdoor spaces, Built with British weather in mind, Water resistant to rating IPX4 INCLUDES: Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL BBQ Grill (UK plug), Digital Probe, Smoke Box, Crisper Basket, Grill Plate, Grease Tray and Liner, 2 Woodfire Pellet Starter Packs, Scoop, Weight: 18kg Colour: Black or Blue

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‎60 x 57 x 45 cm; 18.3 kg

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‎18.3 kg



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1 Feb. 2024

10 reviews for Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL Electric BBQ Grill and Smoker with App Control, Digital Probe, Large 7-in-1 Outdoor Grill and Air Fryer with Woodfire Pellets, Weather Resistant, Blue and Black OG901UK

  1. rachael marshrachael marsh

    We brought and ninja smoker for when we go camping with electric hook up, it is an excellent piece of kit which we used for breakfasts and dinners. I love that it has different settings and also tells you when to flip items inside and takes that into consideration for your cooking times. The smoker feature is an excellent addition and we have had a great experience experimenting with smoked chickens. We were really impressed as they came out really juicy, with a tasty crispy skin. The smoker is really easy to clean with removable plates and the handles to carry it are also really useful. I was really surprised to see a lot of people using it whilst we were away and look forward to using it again this year. It is a smart piece of kit that looks really stylish and easy to store in a good sized cupboard, it is really easy to use in comparison to our cadac.

  2. MoopMoop

    The media could not be loaded. I’ve wanted an air fryer forever so when Ninja announced they were releasing this, I asked them to take my money.It may be too ambitious a gadget for a first-timer, but I think I’m a little overwhelmed, and there are definitely some issues here and there. But, look, if you want a tl;dr – it’s amazing.I will say, we’ve only used the air fryer function so far but next is the Smoker function and I’ll update this as and when we use the other functions (there are 7, including dehydrate, which is pretty cool.)Okay, from the very beginning: it arrives in a huge box; it’s much bigger than it looks in the photos. It comes with some minor assembly needed – you just need to use the wee Alan (Allen?) key to attach the two handles on both sides. The handles aren’t quite flush, which is a bit lame. It just makes it feel like the quality isn’t quite there.You’ll also need to slide the grease tray into the back slot at the very bottom – this will catch all the run-off oil and guck.A really annoying thing is the On/Off button – it is in the stupidest place imaginable: under the unit itself, behind the right leg. It’s all but impossible to get to without flipping the whole unit upside down. It’s also ever so slightly sticky, so we weren’t sure if we had actually turned the unit on.Because that was another issue. When we turned everything on, nothing happened. We tried different plug sockets; we hit the Start button again; we turned it off and on again… nothin’. Husband then hit the Reset button on the actual plug and it came on. I don’t know whether we’re going to have to do that every time – we’ll just have to see. EDIT: I have an update with this, I’ll add it at the bottom.Another issue is the recipe book and instructions provided. We wanted to make chicken wings for our first attempt and the recipe book is covered in photos of them so we assumed the recipe book would include air fried chicken wings. It does not. It’s daft. We had to look at a YouTube video for timings.For the record, we set it to 200 degrees, let it pre-heat, and then let them cook for 20 minutes.It beeps to let you know when it’s pre-heated, by the way, so there’s very little faff involved there. At the 10 minute point, it told us to flip the food over, which we dutifully did. They looked yummy but a bit anaemic so I had my doubts, but we let them cook for the full 20 minutes. I took a photo of the end results – they are lovely chicken wings. I prefer them a little crispier so I guess we’re going to have to experiment with timings and temperatures but they’re lovely.The instructions say to only use it outdoors but we used it in the kitchen with the windows and doors open and the fan going – the manual says it can put out carbon monoxide so I think being safe with this thing is really important.I do have one major complaint, though: I registered the unit with Ninja and almost straight away started getting scammy phishing emails – I have to think one precipitated the other because most of the subject titles mention Ninja and the timing is just too strange not to be connected. So either Ninja sold my email address or their customer data was scraped – I don’t know enough about this stuff to know for sure but it’s worth bearing in mind.It’s all really easy to clean, by the way. We put the chicken wings on the grill tray instead of in the air fryer basket, and it’s very non-stick. Then we just gave a wipe down to the rest of it to remove any oil or residue.So there you have it.Oh! You get two packs of wood pellets for the Smoker (they go in the the little mail slot on the left side) and Ninja say you can ONLY use the Ninja wood pellets. I’ve been looking into that a bit and it’s nonsense. You can use any food-safe wood pellets with the Woodfire Grill.So, yes, I don’t think I’m as impressed as I thought I’d be… the slight build quality issues and the stupid On button and the loudness of it as it’s cooking the food, and the expense, and the fact that it didn’t start first time and being inundated with annoying emails from phishers… I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t think I would buy it again, especially at full price. But maybe as we get to know it better and use the Smoker and Grill functions this summer it will really come into its own.I’ll definitely update this as we use it more so you can get a better idea of it all before spending that much cash on something that might be a bit disappointing.EDIT: so we used it again and, once again, the unit didn’t switch on until we hit the Reset button again. That just doesn’t sit right with me, somehow, so we called Ninja to ask if that’s a fault. After about half an hour of answering questions, we were told that if you unplug the unit from the wall, next time you use it you’ll need to press Reset; if you leave it plugged in and just turn it off on the unit itself, however, it will store your settings and turn on normally.Thing is, I don’t think it stores any settings (?) so I honestly don’t know if we were being fibbed to there. But there you have it. No clarity whatsoever!

  3. Mr. Alan C. Pitchford

    First the honesty….my wife looked at the vids on you tube…thought it would be good and with a degree of indifference I ordered one .Secondly it’s worth noting I have owned all sorts of bbqs and a dedicated smoker in the past and I genuinely did not have high hopes for it.Nothing prepared us for the results or it’s capacity.1.65kg of smoked pulled pork in 4 hrs.24 chicken wings smoked in 20 minsFlat bread pizzas coming out every 3 -4 mins .Everything cooked wow….Yes really.But what sort of construction is it?….well for a start its deceptivly heavy and well built which for me comparing prices against a new bbq was a surprise.This is a machine that can be used indoors but only on smoker mode under exceptionally good extraction ( normally best outside) it’s vertatile it will grill ,bake, smoke slow cook air fry ,in fact just about everything all with the ability to smoke under any setting.Chances are this will push aside any existing bbq already already have and add functions you never thought of.What’s more it’s electric is very frugal on wood pellets, easy to clean heats up very quickly, holds its temperature and is very easy to use.Got to hand it to ninja….This product has no real competitors and more than a few traditional bbq manufacturer’s must be shaking their heads at the ability of this machine……watch you tube vids and believe.

  4. John J

    Absolutely excellent easy to use first time I ever used a smoker so simple tasted perfect and very cheep to run especially with the rediculous high price of patio gas on the gas bbq

  5. Gillian McGregor

    I love my Ninja woodfire electric burner. So much easier and cleaners to use than a gas or coal BBQ. Love the multi-functions it has and the food tastes great. Ideal for small families or couples, ideal for 1- 4 people could stretch to cooking for 6 but no more.

  6. Phillip Hughes

    What a fantastic piece of equipment, easy to use, food tastes amazing and have me the ability to have a smoker even in the winter. Highly recommended

  7. Mumma BMumma B

    The media could not be loaded. Wow, to say this is impressive is an understatement. I finally got to try this out tonight after a my first order was lost and a replacement sent. Very easy to set up, just attach the handles and clean the grill plate before use.The instructions are very clear so easy to understand. We used tonight for burgers. The grill option selected and wood fire button pressed, it ignited the pellets and preheated for 10 minutes, then the display beeped and displayed to add food. 10 minutes to cook the burgers, it tells you to flip half way but you need to be aware the timer doesn’t stop when you open the lid. When the ten minutes were up the display read done. The burgers were charred on both sides, I did think maybe a little too much, but after resting and finishing our burgers, I cut into it and it was perfect inside. Has to be the best burger I‘ve ever cooked, really juicy and just how I like. You can change the time settings if you prefer a more pink burger. So impressed. I can’t wait to try out other food and the other cooking methods. You can smoke, airfry, roast, bake, dehydrate, grill, reheat. You can add the woodfire option to any cooking method. The ninja comes with 2 packs of wood pellets.Easy to clean when cooled, just remove the grill tray to clean, wipe over the ninja and empty the used pellets. Is advertised as being able to withstand the weather to store outside but I will use a cover.So much easier and quicker than using a traditional barbecue, less mess and you get that authentic barbecue smoky flavour from the wood fire pellets. A really impressive appliance

  8. michael dell

    Amazing totally amazing 12/10Possible the best air fryer out theirBuy two 👍🏻

  9. JR

    First things first, I will never use the wood pellets feature of this machine. They aren’t necessary and negate the clean air and ecological benefits of an all electric BBQ.So far I’ve used this to make great, burgers, corn on the cob, sausages, halloumi, seared vegetables, onions, bacon, chips, baked potatoes, pizza and chicken. Top tip: Never use the grill function on anything above the Low setting. 2nd tip: Buy the optional smooth grill plate as the corrugated one is a nightmare to clean. Final nugget: Don’t fret over cleaning inside the lid, this is just wasting your time, it may or may not add to the flavour but it certainly does no harm.It isn’t the largest cooking surface but once it’s pre-heated up you can churn out a constant supply of food, faster than it can be eaten. With the inbuilt timer and temperature control BBQs are a doddle.

  10. Alan

    I have good selection of various gas and charcoal BBQs so this was a complete change I can recommend, however if you cater for lots of friends buy the next model with a bigger grill and crisping basket.

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