SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers Gloss Black

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About this item Tapered edges and sub-enclosures for reduced edge diffraction Free optimised diffuser for great on- and off-axis response SVS sound match two-way crossover 6.5 inch mid-bass glass-fibre driver 1 Inch aluminium tweeter

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About this item

  • Tapered edges and sub-enclosures for reduced edge diffraction
  • Free optimised diffuser for great on- and off-axis response
  • SVS sound match two-way crossover
  • 6.5 inch mid-bass glass-fibre driver
  • 1 Inch aluminium tweeter

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27.69 x 21.59 x 38.1 cm; 8.62 kg

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14 Jan. 2016

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10 reviews for SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers Gloss Black

  1. Davis Byars

    It is odd to see that all the reviews of these speakers are from the United States – nothing from UK! It may be that we don’t like American speakers over here, they are too forward, brash and base heavy (well, many of them are!) – while English speakers are warm, intimate, and far more likeable. Also SVS are more associated with home theatre and beefy subwoofers, not for stereo listening. With the recent introduction however of their bookshelf models, that prejudice can be blown away. I started off with the smaller Prime Bookshelves, a smaller and trickle-down version of the Ultras, in order to find a suitable match for my Peachtree Nova 150, which I had been lured into buying. I found them excellent, but felt I could go just that bit better. The niggle persisted, until I caved in and went for the Ultras, which are double the price. I must admit I wasn’t too impressed initially, there wasn’t a lot of difference, but after a week they came into their own. Splendid power and quality: I could shake the foundations with Paul Simon’s “Graceland,” yet listen rapt to fine detail of Beethoven string quartets. These are not only rockers’ speakers, but for classical lovers too (which I am). The base extension is such that you don’t really need a subwoofer – but I already had an SVS SB1000 to beef up the Primes, all the more base for Buxtehude organ earthquake! The main snag of course is price: with the current exchange rate you are paying pound for dollar, so you won’t get good value for money. You will get good value for sound though!

  2. PeterInVancouverPeterInVancouver

    I’m very happy with the sound produced by this pair of large bookshelf speakers. I haven’t added a subwoofer yet, but I will probably add an SVS SB-3000 in the future as bass production is limited. They look great in gloss black.

  3. Juan Ramirez

    Estas bocinas tienen un matiz autoritario que te abofetea cada vez que puede, los bajos te patean las tripas, los medios golpean tu cara, y los agudos resplandecen de forma clara y harmoniosa, todo sin causar fatiga al oído en ningún momento, y tanto en musica como en peliculas se lucen de forma alucinante… Fueron probadas con un amplificador Yamaha AS701 en 2.0 y 2.1 con un subwoofer SVS PC-2000Un familiar tiene las KEF ls50 y su sonido me encantó, razón por la cual me dió la inquietud de comprar bookshelfs de alta gama, y claro, no pude aguantar las ganas de pedirlas prestadas y conectarlas ambas en mi amplificador, y probar con el switch A y B para ver que resultaba de este duelo de titanes… Y para mi gran impresión en 2.0 ambas tienen una tonalidad bastante similar, en ciertas canciones no hubiera reconocido cual era cual en una prueba a ciegas, ambas estuvieron casi empatadas hasta que empezamos con musica donde predominaban los bajos… Al caer el bass drop las KEF decian “Ah!, quieres bajo? mira ahí te va un poquito de bajo suave y claro… Buen bajo eh?” en cambio el bajo de las Ultras le dejó muy claro a mis viceras los que es un bajo imponente, lo sientes en el pecho todo el tiempo… Las KEF son excelentes bocinas para escuchar SOLAMENTE música, pero las Ultras son alucinantes con TODO musica, peliculas, gaming etc… Estas bocinas han calmado mi sed de audiofilia y eso es decir mucho

  4. HarisHaris

    They Suck – yes literally they suck you in with their Amazing Sound.Theses speakers look Amazing!They are worth the asking price, and compete with the KEF LS50’s that I ownThese speakers sound amazingThese Speakers have excellent detail retrieval / from the Highs, Mids, and LowsVocals sound amazingThese do not Sound harsh, At all!They are very linear – sound good at low volumes (40-45db), excellent at medium (50-65db), and loud volumes (65db and above)The Finish is Amazing! even my wife likes them, she does not the KEF’s, and my audioengione a5+You can use them as studio monitors in the right space, they are THAT BALANCED!Amazing Sound Stage! – tweeter is also Amazing, it is not harsh, but will do very good job of getting the most out of your dialogue, and musicNo Subwoofer needed with Proper placement, and Small Rooms for musicNOW for some caveatsThey need Space, at least 8 inches from the back wall, and at least 18 inches from side walls, and at least 7 feet between the speakersThey need POWER! – I have noticed that they Love High Current Amplifiers, they sound better to me with my Parasound A21 (250W @ 8ohmsBoth channels driven) compared to me Emotiva TA-100They DO need a subwoofer in a large room. They are very soild down to 53Hz, a subwoofer crossover at 50 Hz, with 12db slope blends really well!PAIR THEM WITH THE BEST DAC YOU CAN BUY! – This is a BIG ONE FOLKS, before you buy these speakers make sure to grab the best DAC you can buy (I AM NOT SAYING THAT GO AND BUY THE MOST EXPENSIVE DAC, BUT BUY ONE THAT HAS PLENTY OF GOOD REVIEWS). I have Tested them with Three DACS, For me they sound best when paired with my IFI DSD Black Label which sounds better to me compared to my AUDIO-GD Master & dac (500$ vs 2500$ ..go figure why)I am using my speakers in a 2.1 channel setupParasound A21IFI Black LabelSVS SB-2000These are wroth every penny.

  5. Ulrich

    Vraiment un son superbe en plus d’un look épuré… I’m in love

  6. J. PriceJ. Price

    Previously, I had a Sony subwoofer and Klipsch L / C / R channels. Yes, they were good but NOWHERE NEAR AS GOOD AS THESE SVS speakers! The subwoofer is an SVS SB-2000. I got all of these on Amazon.The low end is so clean and tight. The same with mid-range and the high end is smooth, clean and clear.Yes, these dude aren’t cheap but given I’ll have them for 10 years or more, they are an excellent value.Update, star date 6/3/20The plastic adhesive feet they supply are bad.While moving the speakers, one of them popped off. Yes, I was being careful. The really incriminating part is the adhesive detached from the plastic puck, not the speaker finish. That’s really weird as the designers have complete control over the adhesion of these elements. Yet it failed.So, I got on Amazon and popped for these:Black Rubber Feet 72PCS Self Adhesive Rubber Feet Black Bumper Pads Tall Square Bumpers for Electronics Speakers Computers Keyboard PS4I replaced the OEM pucks today. If anything gets weird on the new picks, I’ll let you know.

  7. Amazon Customer

    fantastic sound and imaging from these guys. They have turned my listening experience upside down.

  8. semileptonic

    These speakers deliver an amazing spectral and dynamic experience from a pretty small volume. The imaging is fine, major toe-in was not essential. I elevated them about 10″ off the floor on Chinese fishbowl stands, with a round tempered glass on top of the stands to place the speakers on. I insulated athem with felt stickers. These put out enough bass to be used alone, and sound great with the tv during regular broadcasts, movies, and during some commercials and broadcast graphic intro/exits. The can punch out club music, and symphonic classical works as well. They are not quite as good IMO for baroque or string quartet, but still if the recording is good one can enjoy the music. The high frequencies can be harsh at times, but usually this occurs with older lower quality recordings. They do need a break in to give you their full potential. They will impress when used on quality recordings, and serve as a great background pair when watching HDTV. Overall, strong on bass extension and adequate in the upper frequency range, but sensitive to the recording quality. 4.5 stars

  9. JayRay

    I cannot say enough good things about these speakers! The amount and quality of the sound is just amazing.

  10. op

    Amazing sound, clarity, soundstage, i was comparing different quality files. You can hear the difference in transparancy between DSD5.6 and DSD11.2 files. Speakers installed in 25x25ft room and paired with svs sb2000 to get really warm and deep lows. I think its very important for these speakers to get high quality source and amplifier as they will not mask the sound. Im using surface pro for steaming (mostly TIDAL 44 & 88 Khz) and some extreme quality files from HD tracks. Amplifier: Denon PMA-60 connected with Audioquest Carbon usb cable(more expensive Coffee did not work for this setup). Extremely satisfied. Sounds better than concert hall for all type of music.

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