The Reappearance of Rachel Price A sensational new young adult thriller for 2024 from the TikTok author of the Year and bestselling author of A Good Girls Guide to Murder

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The Reappearance of Rachel PriceThe Reappearance of Rachel Price

The Reappearance of Rachel PriceThe Reappearance of Rachel Price

The Reappearance of Rachel PriceThe Reappearance of Rachel Price

Kill Joy

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Good Girl, Bad Blood

As Good As Dead

Five Survive

Kill Joy

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Good Girl, Bad Blood

As Good As Dead

Five Survive

Customer Reviews
4.3 out of 5 stars

4.6 out of 5 stars

4.6 out of 5 stars

4.6 out of 5 stars

4.4 out of 5 stars

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Customer Reviews
4.6 out of 5 stars

4.6 out of 5 stars

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Publisher ‏ : ‎

Electric Monkey; 1st edition (2 April 2024)

Language ‏ : ‎


Hardcover ‏ : ‎

448 pages

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎


ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎


Reading age ‏ : ‎

14 years and up

Dimensions ‏ : ‎

14.1 x 4.5 x 22.2 cm

Best Sellers Rank:

1 in Mystery & Thriller Adventure Fiction for Young Adults

Customer reviews:

400 ratings

10 reviews for The Reappearance of Rachel Price A sensational new young adult thriller for 2024 from the TikTok author of the Year and bestselling author of A Good Girls Guide to Murder

  1. Elle

    Firstly, I love the AGGGTM series and I doubt any of Holly’s books will live up to that because it just has a special magic to it so I went in not expecting anything which allowed me to enjoy this for what it was.As a ya thriller it was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very binegable. Bel is unlikable and prickly and I really grew to like her. We come to understand why she pushes people away and she’s her walls break down at the end. There’s the tiniest hint of romance and I think it served Bel well to find someone who believed her and to remind her people leave but they’re not always gone.The mystery was a slow burn but I really liked the unravelling of the secrets. Bel’s family is complicated and I enjoyed learning about their dynamics. The ending was amazing and unhinged but I was so here for it.I won’t say much else because it’s better to go in blind but it was a fun read with a plot I haven’t read before.

  2. Emily

    Loved this book, all of the author’s books are amazing and this one did not disappoint! Read it within 4 days and couldn’t put it down. The story was so captivating and the pace at which it was written had me hooked on the small details of Rachel’s disappearance and Bel’s investigation into her and then building up the suspense to see whether Rachel Price was telling the truth and what really happened to her….

  3. RochelleRochelle

    Pre-ordered this because Holly Jackson is an auto-buy author for me. I started it the day after I received it and finished this evening. Absolutely devoured it! It was a slightly slower start in comparison to AGGGTM but once I got into it, I got INTO IT. I felt the same way about Five Survive. I think Holly does YA thrillers/mystery really well. Would definitely recommend

  4. Zofia

    Very very good value, especially for a first edition. Great book too and came in good shape

  5. Emma Smith

    This book. Was. Fabulous.I do still wish it was set in the UK, yes (as with literally all of Holly’s books, since the decision to “translate” AGGGTM), but seeing that all of the characters felt British and we were gifted another British book boyfriend, I think I can let it slide.TRORP was everything I was hoping for, and more. A classic HJ mystery, filled with secrets and clues and intrigue. I could kind of make assumptions regarding some of the twists based on the hints she gave, but I think that made the final reveal so fabulous. I felt incredibly smart for working bits out here and there, and remembering every snippet of detail we were given. I’m basically a detective now.There were a few minor things which for me slipped this down to a 4.5 star review, but, with that being said, I’m painfully aware that I can’t write nearly as well as Holly can, and so I’d take this with a grain of salt. Yes, Bel was a little too similar to Pip for my liking. Yes, the book was insanely long (we love that), but I’d like it to have been even… longer. If there’d been more detail and more random facts, maybe it would have made it harder to know which were important.But I really loved the depth of this book, and how it felt darker – and more real – than the first book in the AGGGTM series. Holly’s writing style itself is developing through every book she writes, but so are her characters, and their emotions, and the knotty, twisted endings which you can’t help but fall for every time.This book was a masterpiece, cleverly written and beautiful, and absolutely deserves the hype it’s receiving right now. Plus, the cover art, sprayed edges and dustjacket are so incredibly beautiful, and I can’t stop showing them both off.Congratulations, Holly!

  6. NickNick

    My daughter asked me for this book and we have started to read it together. I do like a good book with drama, mystery and suspense so we are both going to follow through until the end although I admit this is really more suited for a younger age group in the way it is writen yet I still cannot put it down!Lights, cameras and lies… you will have to read it to find out more because I have only just started.Often, I buy audio book versions to listen to so I tried the sample out before ordering this book in hardcover format. It is nice when you can actually hear the authors voice instead of just a spokesperson or AI. Kudos to authors who agree to this because it gives the reader another way to digest if you do not have the physical copy to hand at the time and I do enjoy listening this way, it is like a BBC television adaptations or story continuations without the big screen!Anyway, Rachel was here, she was real and I will leave the rest up to your imagination as you follow Bel on her journey. Enjoy!

  7. ChrissyChrissy

    Firstly, I must confess, I’m not an avid reader, normally only picking up a kindle on holiday when on my sun lounger!I’ve never heard of this author or read any of her previous work.However, I was attracted to this book on reading the description, so thought I’d give it a go in a bid to keep my mind occupied whilst enjoying some downtime.I like that it’s aimed at young adults which makes it easier to read and comprehend without having to overthink.I’m nowhere near finishing it, but it’s well written, with a captivating storyline and has caught my attention enough to breeze through several chapters thus far. High praise from someone who usually doesn’t read at home!Not a bed time read, as the thick hardback cover may likely knock me out if I drop it on my head when dozing off, and not good for packing to take on holiday with me, due to the weight, but it did feel nice to hold an actual physical book, instead of a Kindle.

  8. ChaptersofvickiChaptersofvicki

    Holly Jackson is one of my favourite authors! I’ve been so excited for this book!I love the way the story is set up in the form of a true crime documentary to tell the story of Rachel Price’s disappearance 16 years ago. Rachel’s daughter Bel is at the centre of all of it because she was just a toddler when her mum disappeared but Bel was found alone and well.The family are in the middle of filming the documentary when suddenly out of nowhere Rachel suddenly appears back in their lives. So what actually happened 16 years? Was Rachel abducted?I honestly couldn’t put this down and this proof was over 500 pages, I read it in a day!! I had to know what was going to happen. It was so tense at times. I was questioning everything and everyone.This was so well written! An easy 5 stars! I’d give it more if I could. Another one that’s up there for one of my top reads of the year!

  9. A reviewer

    This is an enjoyable read. If you’re familiar with the author already you will enjoy this book.I won’t spoil the plot but it’s well written and is good value when you consider the quality of story writing and size of the book.It would also make an ideal gift for any avid school age book reader.

  10. frizzydollfrizzydoll

    I ordered this for a teenager in my life who has read the Good Girl Guide to Murder series by the same author and has really enjoyed it. The is a standalone mystery thriller so it can be enjoyed even if the whole Good Girl Guide to Murder series hasn’t been completed yet. If your youngster has enjoyed other books by this author, I would strongly urge you to hurry up and buy this as soon as possible while you are still able to get the Special First Edition. This special edition features a design on the main body of the book under the removeable dust cover which will not feature on later editions. This hardback edition is also currently priced at only £7.49 so very reasonable.The book is quite big at 448 pages and looks like some thing you can really get your teeth into. The pages are fairly densely printed and the chapters are of a manageable size. I’m not the target audience for this book but was did read a few of the opening chapters before I handed it to the Holly Jackson fan who as I am writing this has her head stuck in the book.The story centers around 18-year-old Bel. We meet Bel being interviewed for a television documentary. What makes Bel life of interest to others is when she was only a 2-year-old her mother Rachel disappeared when they were out together. There is CCTV footage of the pair entering a Shopping Centre but mysteriously no footage of them leaving. Later Bel alone is found in a car on the side of the road. Whatever happened to Rachel, Bel would have been witness to it but at the time she was obviously too young to verbalize what see had seen and now has no recollection of what happened. Rachel was either abducted, murdered or left of her own accord but didn’t take money or any possessions with her.Bel has grown up around a close and loving family on her father’s side but the incident has estranged her from her mother’s side. Her maternal grandmother publicly accuses Bel’s father of harming his wife. To put out his side of the story Bel’s father has agreed to making the film documentary. Looks like the making of documentary is going open old wounds and skeletons are going come out of the closet. A very intriguing start and of course the title of the book suggests that Rachel is going to return.I’m not the target audience for this book however what I’ve read of the book so far has really piqued by interest, I’m sure youngsters would absolutely love this book.

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